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Joe Hughes is a freelance videographer / video editor and ever since he was little he’s loved making videos. When he was 10 years old his best friend got a Flip Video Camcorder for his birthday. Together they decided it would be fun to try and make a video in his friend’s backyard. From that day on Joe was hooked, and as YouTube began to explode in popularity he started to realize that creating videos would become more than just a fun way to kill time, but a viable career path.

Joe’s early love for making videos fed into an incredible passion for movies. Directors such as Edgar Wright, George Lucas and Christopher Nolan were/are a great source of inspiration for him. The idea that Joe could escape into another world was such a magnetic concept growing up. Films can make you believe that you’re one journey away from chasing your destiny, that anything that can be dreamed can be done, and that the only real limit in the grand scheme of things is the willingness to fight for something better. Plus the perk of being a film student is you can spend hours watching movies and call it studying.

Joe grew up in a time where digital media expanded the world much more than he could have ever imagined. Video production went from something he did in a backyard to something that can alter reality around him. As a filmmaker, Joe wants to use his experience in video to help connect people in this ever-changing world we live in. Joe wants to inspire a new generation of filmmakers to create the realities they want to live in. Finally, above all else, Joe wants to prove to a 10 year old kid, hanging out in his best friend’s backyard that life is the sum of what you make it.


I’ve been making videos for 15 years. I’ve edited everything from graduation videos to feature films. I worked in advertising for many years creating online digital content for clients of varying industries. I have experience editing in multiple video editing programs, as well as the entire adobe creative cloud suite.


When prepping for a project I often aid in the development of the script as well as creating shot lists to be used in production the day of. I also aid in location scouting and casting roles for the project. But most importantly, I help put together the right crew for the right project.


Sometimes I’ve been lucky enough to be on a crew of 40 people, other times I’ve been not so lucky where the crew is 1 person, me. But the advantage of being put in those situations is that you learn how to do everything. I’ve been a cinematographer, a gaffer, a sound guy, a director, and even an actor when needed. I’ve worn many hats and I’ve loved every grueling second of it.


Most people hate editing, but I’m one of those weirdo who actually loves it. I’ve been editing projects for 15 years, which is long enough to know that it’s where my passion lives. I’m excited by every project I get. The opportunity to take footage and pull the beauty out of it is one of my favorite things to do.



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